We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have generously provided us with their feedback. Your valuable insights and suggestions have been instrumental in shaping our services. We encourage others to share their thoughts and experiences with us, as we value your feedback and continuously strive to enhance our offerings.

"What a Wonderful Initiative you are Implementing With our Young People Teaching Them the Value of Kindness and Thoughtfulness."

The Hon Kim Beazley AC Governor of Western Australia


You are the center of our universe!

Appreciation is the best form of motivation. To be appreciated is one of the greatest things one can do to uplift others.

Dear Dr Zehra, words cannot express what joy you and the Little Helpers have brought to our nurses within integrated and community health in Western Sydney Local Health District with the most beautiful tributes in your videos, cards, posters and the goodies you sent to us on International Nurses Day. Your sentiments and artwork have meant so very much and touched us all. Please pass on our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of your volunteers. These sentiments will always live in our hearts. Thank you all so very much. We truly appreciate your kind acknowledgement and support. Caring for our community is our focus and it is beautiful when this care is reciprocated xxx. ❤️❤️❤️ 💐 Thank you again to you and the many volunteers that have worked so hard to extend this gratitude. We are truly appreciative of the kindness and generosity xxx.”

Rowena Urweiss, Nursing Unit Manager. Child and Family Health at Doonside Community Health Centre on behalf of nurses at Community Health Centres in Western Sydney Local Health District.

On Behalf of Nurses 

at Community Health Centres in Western Sydney Local Health District

What our Elderly Think About us

Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged

From all our residents

Can't wait to see the kids again ❣️ We miss them ❣️


Thank you Little Helpers for the Father's Day cards and gifts.

"A Nobel and Innovative Idea!"


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"WOW... Where do I Start! "

WOW... Where do I start! First and foremost a huge Thank you to 'Little Helpers on The Run' who have kindly donated to our school Emerton Primary, loads and loads of fresh fruit and fresh bread to help our Breakfast Program going. I know without your generous donations we would not be able to keep up with this service. Our families and children are very grateful and appreciate your services you do to offer to our school and community. Thank you very very much for your kindness, support and donations, we appreciate Little Helpers on the Run.
Marisa Sionepeni
Community Liaison Officer Emerton Primary School

Our Mission

  "A job Well Done!"

Really fun for the children and adults
Feedback on organisation’s vision and mission


Carlton Johnson 
Casa Mia
Aged Care

"The Children Warms my Heart"

Dear Dr Zehra,

On behalf of the residents, staff and myself from Casa Mia Aged Care, would like to thank you and the Little Helpers for their thoughtful and continual kindness you have shown to us and the community.

Your thoughts and generosity with your time and consideration to others is very much appreciated. As one resident said “The Children warms my heart”. We love the inter-generational meeting together, be it in person or Zoom, and our last Zoom meeting with the kids, singing nursery rhymes and the residents singing along to the ones they knew, was so beautiful to see.

So keep up the great work, and looking forward to seeing you again, whether in person or on Zoom.

Kindest regards
Carlton Johnson (Leisure & Lifestyle officer)
Casa Mia Aged Care

Tasmania Health Service

Dear Dr Zehra,

I am writing to thank Little Helpers on the Run for their beautifully created posters and thank you cards for doctors, nurses and midwives at the Royal Hobart Hospital. We displayed the posters your helpers created in our hospital main foyer for all staff and visitors to see as they came into the hospital.
Below are photos taken of each display.

Doctors Day Thank you cards
Our Executive Director of Medical Services, Stephen Ayre handed cards out to our Emergency doctors. Our doctors appreciated your creativity and your kind words.

Midwives Day Thank you Cards
The Nurse Unit Manager Maternity Services, Laurynda will give cards to her fellow midwives on 5 May.

Nurses Day Thank you cards
On 12 May, the Assistant Director of Nursing Central Coordination Services, Lorraine will present cards to Nurse Unit Managers of each hospital ward on her rounds.
Once again, our sincerest thanks, we do appreciate the support.

Kind regards
Jo Joanne Attrill
Coordinator, Public Relations and Event Management Community Relations Unit
Tasmania Health Service

We Value Your Feedback

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Meta Tusini

Little helpers on the run have made it possible for us at Doonside tech high school to extend a helping hand to our school community in their time of need. without this much needed help by Little Helpers on the run, we would not be able to provide those in need, some relief.. thank you Little Helpers on the run ♥

Our Photos

Gillian Jones

Such a wonderful morning for both residents and students, thank you to Faryal and the little helpers for making the world a better place ❤️ congratulations to the students from Western Grammar School Plumpton it was an absolute pleasure to spend the morning with such caring, friendly people.

Our Videos

A Special Thank You

Thanks again on behalf of the Sutherland Hospital

"This is Such a Brilliant Initiative, Thank you so Much!"

Justin David-Lifestyle Coordinator -Opal Annandale


Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged

"Thank you Little Helpers on the Run for always remembering our residents. Thank you for your well wishes, your kind gifts, handmade cards, songs and poems. Our residents really love receiving your messages 💖"


Thank you to the children for remembering us.


Thank you for our Easter eggs and beautiful handmade cards.

Belinda Jenkins Head of Department Woodridge State School

Thank you for Your Leadership in Bringing Communities Together Through Kindness Projects

Thank you for your leadership in bringing communities together through kindness projects. Being a small part of a big movement makes a difference. Staff and students at Woodridge State School appreciate the opportunities to be a part of these kindness projects which support the wellbeing and sense of connectedness for those giving and receiving. Support from Little Helpers on the Run for our breakfast club and food hampers for families is another example of the way you are bringing kindness to our school community. Thank you. Little Helpers on the Run is a wonderful community initiative in which we want our students to be involved. 


What our elderly friends and nursing staff think about us!

"Thank you Little Helpers on the Run for always looking after our residents and staff."

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South Australia Police

Dear Dr Zehra,

On behalf of SAPOL I would like to thank you for the cards and posters we received in recognition of Police Remembrance Day. There was a number of us in the Community Engagement Section that read through all the beautiful cards and looked at the posters and photos. I have written a short article about ‘Little Helpers on the Run’ for it to be shared internally on our intranet so all our members can see the wonderful work that you are all doing. Some photographs of the cards/posters will also be going up on our Facebook social media. I have divided up all the cards and sent them to different stations as I think that it is particularly nice for front-line police officers to see these thoughtful messages. Thank you again.

Kind regards,
Senior Constable First Class
Ebony Vaninetti 
Public Engagement Officer Community Engagement Section
Governance and Capability Service
South Australia Police

Letters and Social Media Posts of Appreciation 

"Very Friendly"

Very friendly, great to have some new vibrant energy in the playground. Lovely Interactions with our students.

Caitlin Millauro

Giant Steps


If you want to find the true meaning of life DON’T only look within yourself, but learn to love and live for others!

That’s what our little ones believe and strive for!

Little Helpers on the Run are a wonderful partner in our breakfast club program here at Woodridge State High School. They not only support us with a variety of fresh fruits but also breakfast cereal. Without them we could not provide a good start to the day for many students who sadly don’t have access to breakfast elsewhere. Through their kind generosity and consistent support we along with them are making a positive difference in the lives of students. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤️

Karen Moller
Woodridge State High School

Little Helpers have assisted myself and several other schools in the St Marys / Mt Druitt area provide groceries for families for our school community. They have engaged our families via these weekly Community Pantry donations and by giving us the opportunity to engage and appreciate those who service our community such as doctors/nurses, our police force, visiting our elderly in nursing home and exchanging craft from our students with their residents. We are so grateful for hard work from the many volunteers from Little Helpers that we have met and continue to work with.

Sylvia Hu'akau McKenzie
St Marys Public School

"Thank you Kindly, you can see the Smiles of the Officers Faces Reading Them"

Senior Constable First Class Ebony Vaninetti 
Public Engagement Officer Community Engagement Section Governance and Capability Service
South Australia Police

"Great activities, very fun day for the kids, everyone looks very happy"

"Very Organised Event, Amazing Decorations, Very Kind Hearted Vision"

Maria-Event for Barnardos

Hasting Primary School, Victoria

You don’t need to be rich or special to appreciate others you just need to be kind and understanding! We are so touched and overwhelmed by the appreciation which we have received from our lovely children of Hasting Primary School, Victoria. At this very young age to appreciate others is absolutely beautiful. Their actions definitely made our day! Thanks for sending us these beautiful cards and letters, we are very grateful for your kindness!

Not everyone knows how to appreciate others!

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Welcome to our Website

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Act of Love

The little helper program has immensely touch most of our residents past and present. Their kindness in visiting us numerous times has been very rewarding snd we thank each and everyone who are part of part of their organisation and thank you for your great work , time spent and all you provided and give our residents. Great work!
Akanisi Eta Cava
St Vincents Care Services

"Your Generosity has not Gone Unnoticed"
North Shore Ryde Health Service

Thank you for your kind donation for our patients at Paediatrics Royal North Shore Hospital within the Northern Sydney Local Health District. We are incredibly appreciative of the support that organisations like Little Helpers in our community continue to provide during this unprecedented period in our lives. This support has been a source of great comfort to our staff and hospital as a whole – we are incredibly grateful for the generosity that you have shown. Each donation, no matter how large or modest, has a positive impact on our hospital operations as well as staff wellbeing and is an indication of just how much the community cares. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us and please be assured that your generosity has not gone unnoticed.
Kindest regards,
Candice Peters
Volunteers Coordinator | North Shore Ryde Health Service

"Thanks to all Amazing Artists"
Office of Commissioner of Police | NSW Police Force

I would like to acknowledge receipt of the amazing cards and pictures that your organisation has sent in to the NSW Police Force. It is always heartening to receive this kind of feedback from the community so your gifts were very well received. We have taken photos of the gift pack and included it in our Monthly Police newsletter so that your messages of support and thanks can be seen by all our officers, no matter where they are located. Your pictures and cards are currently on display in the entrance of the Commissioner’s office and most visitors stop to admire them before coming in. I have included some photos of Commissioner Fuller, our Deputy Commissioners, Jeffery Loy, Malcolm Lanyon, Gary Worboys and Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Walton reading the cards. Once again, thank you so much and please pass our thanks on to all the amazing artists.
Kind regards,
Office of Commissioner of Police | NSW Police Force

"Very Passionate!"

It was lovely to see happy and curious faces. The students were happy to ask questions when prompted. The staff from Little Helpers were very passionate. The most thing I like about Little helpers was their curiosity.

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Giant Steps

Dee Pitcairn
Principal Reddam House

Outstanding Work They do to Lift the Spirits of the Many People in our Community!

Thank you to the many wonderful student volunteers under the leadership of Dr Faryal Zehra for the outstanding work they do to lift the spirits of the many people in our community!

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Concord Hospital

Dear Faryal,

On behalf of Concord Hospital, many thanks for sending through the wonderful array of beautifully decorated thank you cards with personalised messages, together with the sweet chocolate treats. Kindly note these will be handed over to our doctors next week, and I will ensure we take some happy pics for you to share.
We would also like to feature this kind and thoughtful donation in the Autumn 2021 edition of the hospital’s quarterly newsletter, Concord Connection. I will forward copies of the newsletter to you once printed (this is expected to be around mid-April).
Thank you for sharing the wonderful video link (expertly produced by Dylan), which will be shared with our staff. A big thank you to Little Helpers on the Run for bringing a smile to the faces of our Doctors! 

Kind regards
Peta Macfarlane
Marketing & Community Participation Co-ordinator | Concord Hospital

Canterbury Bankstown Torch

Local Newspaper

"What a Truly Fantastic Opportunity you Have Created for our Children"

Dear Faryal,
What a wonderful surprise it was to have Reddam House Little Helpers Boys in my office this morning! Abdullah led the discussion and did all the explanation very eloquently indeed. I was so very proud of all of them and their beautiful acts of kindness! Well done Faryal - what a truly fantastic opportunity you have created for our children. Have a wonderful weekend!
Kind regards,
Dee Pitcairn
Reddam House

Really Good and Exciting Keep up the Good Work!

 Rizwana-Client Parent 

Excellent activities and extremely fun. Very good and it is doing important things for the communities.

Eisa Asiri-Client

"AMAZING job!!!"

It was a wonderful day. You and the ladies did an AMAZING job!!! Well done -Event for children with special needs.

Senior Constable Michelle Dickinson
Crime Prevention Officer Crime Management Unit

"Such a Great Community Idea!"

I just wanted to share the photos of our junior school teachers sharing a lovely morning tea and receiving your beautiful cards. They were so surprised and appreciative of this gesture. They all loved looking through the cards and the ages that created them. And then enjoyed all the photos you shared of the groups that got together to make this happen. It was a lovely idea, and we all thank you for your time and effort in such a great community idea.
Amber Wilson
PA to Head of Junior School St Catherine's School


Great activities! Perfect day

Staff at Barnardos

All activities are quite good kids love the parting zoo and face painting.


"I Cannot Thank you Enough. Such a Thoughtful and Kind Donation for Christmas Day."

Candice Peters Volunteers Coordinator | North Shore Ryde Health Service

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Wollongong Police District

Good afternoon Dr Faryal Zehra
Thank you so much for sending the postcards - Police Remembrance Day is such a special day for police and receiving these cards will make such a difference to an officer's day. Highlighting that the community do appreciate the effort police go to - to make a difference.
 Acting Sergeant Sharon WHITE
Crime Prevention Officer - Wollongong Police District

Kindness is in our DNA

Read what our Academics and Health Care Services think about us!

Thank you for your kind donation for our patients at Paediatrics Royal North Shore Hospital within the Northern Sydney Local Health District.

We are incredibly appreciative of the support that organisations like Little Helpers in our community continue to provide during this unprecedented period in our lives.

This support has been a source of great comfort to our staff and hospital as a whole – we are incredibly grateful for the generosity that you have shown.

Each donation, no matter how large or modest, has a positive impact on our hospital operations as well as staff wellbeing and is an indication of just how much the community cares.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us and please be assured that your generosity has not gone unnoticed. 

Candice Peters Volunteers Coordinator | North Shore Ryde Health Service

Dear Dr Zehra

Thank you for your email. I enjoyed seeing the girls on Monday. They were all articulate in telling me what they had achieved and the connections they had made through their p[participation in “Little Helpers on the Run”. I could see how much the girls have enjoyed being a part of this program. The cards were very thoughtful and I placed the chocolates in the staffroom and they went quickly. It is wonderful that the girls actions align so closely with our school values.

Mr Andrew Powell
Head of School Ascham

Mr Andrew Powell
Head of School Ascham

"Wonderful, Amazing!"
Feedback on organisation’s activities, vision and mission



"Thank you for always being so generous"

Thank you for the beautiful and very thoughtful cards and photo sheets for World teachers day. The teachers loved their cards and the photo sheets provided us all with the background information to know the great things your organisation does. Thank you for always being so generous. 

 Leonie Donaldson 

The Ponds School

We love the idea of children reading a book for our elderly. Our elderly has been missing to connect with children due to Covid-19 and this idea will definitely provide joy and enjoyment to our senior and also help them connect to the wider community. We look forward to implementing this in our facility.

Juni Joshi Shrestha

RAO Bupa Aged Care

"Amazing and Helpful!"


"A Huge Thank You!"

Our children and elderly gifted amazing art work and treats to recognise the efforts of our doctors and nurses who are working around the clock to keep the community safe.

Excellent. Love the Decorations and my son Loved the Whole Dinosaur Settings.
SHAEEMA-Client Parent

I think it’s really good and keeping kids active with this event. Ayse-Student

Principal Burwood Girls High School

To everyone, young and old, who created beautiful cards with inspiring messages for our school community on World Teachers Day, we say a heartfelt thank you!

Your kind gesture took our celebration of World Teachers Day to a new level. Student leaders took great joy in handing the cards out to our younger teachers, as the UNESCO theme this year was, “Young Teachers: The future of the Profession.” The chocolates you sent were used as a lucky door prize at our special Staff Morning Tea and the winning teacher was thrilled. Our school motto at Burwood Girls High School is, “Not for ourselves alone” and this act of kindness really resonated with us.

Thank you again.

Mia Kumar
Burwood Girls High School

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"I Like the Humanity of the Project"

John Kennedy
Homebush boys high school

Narre Warren Police Officers

 We thank our police officers from Narre Warren police station for taking time out of their busy schedules to create a beautiful and heartwarming picture collage as a gesture of their appreciation.  

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NSW Police Force | Fairfield LAC

Good Afternoon Dr Zehra;
Firstly, I would like to say thank you for organising the visit today, could you also extend our appreciation to the children & elderly that created these beautiful cards and posters for us, they will be placed around the Fairfield Police station for the Police to see and appreciate.
As a Police officer myself, I can honestly say that it's these small gestures which mean so much to Police, they put smiles on our faces and in hearts. We are immensely grateful for their thoughts & we are honored to receive these gifts on behalf of all Police past and present.
Senior Constable Zarina Munguia |Youth Liaison Officer NSW Police Force | Fairfield LAC

How you can help

Reema-NSW Police

"Excellent! Great set up and Very Well Organised."


The thank you cards and well wishes for our teachers on World Teachers Day was a beautiful gesture and much appreciated by all of us. The chocolates were also a hit! The work you do in the community is highly commendable.
Helen Polios, Deputy Principal
Whalan Public School

"Thank you Little Helpers. Your lovely groceries will help me feed my family on these upcoming cold nights" from a school family.

School family
St Marys North Public School

"You are Putting Smiles on so Many Faces!"

Byron Central Hospital

Byron Central Hospital

Dear Little Helpers Team ,

On behalf of the staff at Byron Central Hospital we would like to thank you for the beautiful cards . The Nurse at Byron really appreciated the cards and the effort that was made to make them feel so special on International Nurses Day . Keep up the great work , you are putting smiles on so many faces.

Warm Regards,
Kylie Wilmen
Executive Officer Director of Nursing | Byron Central Hospital

Testimonials for our Story Time Project

What our lovely staff at nursing homes write about us


Dear Dr Zehra,
We are very grateful that you are asking our feedback about the story time program we think it’s a great initiative, we are very excited and inspired by the idea of the children reading books to our elderly, this is such a great idea and very timely to support our elderly in the current times, our residents love the children coming to visit us and have missed the interaction over the past year, The residents have always looked forward to the visits from the little helpers and the activities they provide we are looking forward to being part of this program, keep up the good work.

Kind Regards
Gillian Jones
Lifestyle Coordinator Southern Cross Care


Dear Dr Zehra,
We are thrilled to be involved with the Story Time project. It's such an innovative idea in bringing the elderly and youth together, and closing the existing inter-generational gap. Our elderly always looks very forward to seeing the children’s videos, cards, gifts and messages. They always bring great smiles to all our residents' faces. Your kindness initiatives throughout the Covid period were greatly appreciated by our elderly and staff. We are looking very forward to implementing this wonderful new program at our facility. 

Kind Regards
Diana Rizos
Quality, compliance and risk manager Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged

"Huge Thank you From all of the Paediatric Team"

Thank you so much for your families kind donation of chocolates to the ward staff and patients, it was a lovely surprise for us all. They were greatly appreciated over the long Easter weekend by all. Wishing you all the best and another huge thank you from all of the paediatric team.

Simone Danaher Nurse Unit Manager
Paediatric Ward Mercy Public Hospital Victoria Werribee, Victoria

"Your Kind Donation was Very Much Appreciated"

Dear Dr Zehra,
Many thanks again for your kind donation. The chocolates were much appreciated by our medical staff. The cards were distributed to doctors and were very much appreciated. Several of the larger posters have been put up in public areas of the hospital for staff, visitors and patients to see. Many thanks for the video link. it has been passed on to Medical Services for distribution to doctors.
Meredith Cross A/Executive Officer to the General Manager | Liverpool Hospital

"Wow! What a Beautiful and Amazing Initiative"

Tonia Russo Facility Manager
Clendon Care

We Have Been Lucky to Have Little Helpers

We have been lucky to have Little Helpers at our home as our Intergenerational Program, connecting our community and our nursing home. Little Helpers have been a solid feature at our home for many years now, and I know we continue to support and receive the support of these superstars. Due to restrictions with COVID and the limitations of visiting within the home, has not not discouraged the connections with Little Helpers. They have provided safe activities and programs, sending much needed love and care messages to our residents. I personally would like to Thank each and everyone of you for all that you do for our residents and our home, I know each day is a little brighter for our elders as you are a part of their lives. Please keep up your AMAZING WORK!!! Your smiles, compassion, care, and ongoing selfless commitment is what we all should aspire to. Remember each day you are Making A Difference to those who are one of the most vulnerable in our community.
Peter Bridge
Facility Manager - Ainsley Nursing Home Burwood

"Excellent Arrangement. Splendid Display Very Well Organised."

Police Force

 Feedback  From Clients

It is really helpful that someone caring is around us. You guys even care to go out of the way to get some things on our demand.

Very helpful and gives us opportunity to feel settled. Your help really means alot to us. Thank you for this effort.  I think it's a nice initiative. I would love you guys to engage with homeless people in the city too. And also refugees. I hope and pray for your success.

"They are Always There for me!"


We Have Received Lovely Compliments From Staff and Visitors

On behalf of Balmain Hospital, we are grateful for the hard work and dedication that has been put into these artworks. We have received lovely compliments from staff and visitors.
Emma Wood A/Executive Assistant to DON and ONM | Balmain Hospital

"Such a Lovely Gesture That is Very Much Appreciated"

"I just watched your video and just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone involved! Such a lovely gesture that is very much appreciated."

Dr Antony Bolton SESLHD Drug & Alcohol Service GP in South-East Sydney

Dear Aiza and Abdullah,

Hope all of you're well!
I am moved when, I receive the card.
Thanks for your card reminding me "Always find a reason to smile." Your card made me feel that I'm  not alone!
Thank You Everyone. 
Stay Safe and God Bless!

Your Card Made me Feel That I am not Alone!

Agnes, 70 Yrs 


What our customers write about us

On behalf of the teachers of Sefton Infants School I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the lovely cards that we received for World Teachers Day. The cards had such beautiful messages and designs. It was also lovely to see the photos of how the cards were made with the youngsters and the senior citizens from the various aged care sites. The teachers really appreciated the recognition, the kind wishes and the beautiful, cooperative work that went into each and every card. It was truly a lovely gesture.

Sharna Labbe

Sefton Infants School

Thank you so much for getting in touch with us regarding this wonderful project. It is our pleasure to be involved in such a wonderful initiative. Our residents greatly welcome involvement with Little Helpers, especially during these times when it is so difficult to have face to face interaction. Having children record themselves reading a book will allow smiles to spread throughout our facility. We are looking forward to implement this program at our facility. I look forward to hearing from you.


St Vincent's Care Services

Thank you for all Your Fantastic Good Work for the Community!

Faryal and Little Helpers on the Run are great leaders! Faryal is one of the most kind, caring, committed, dynamic people I have ever come across. Thank you for all your fantastic good work for the community!
Lisa May

Feedback From Elderly in Burwood

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"I will keep it and enjoy it for along time."

"Thank you for your beautiful card. That was a wonderful surprise for me. I will keep it and enjoy it for along time."

"Your Support for our Community is Overwhelming"

Bobin School of Arts Hall

Learn more about what we do

"It’s Such a Wonderful Idea!"

Dear Dr Zehra,
It’s such a wonderful idea! We are very grateful for your initiatives and efforts for bringing together children and elderly to help bridge the existing inter-generational gap. Our elderly greatly misses the visits of Little Helpers and this project is definitely a concept that would be appreciated by our residents. When the idea was put to them, there was a positive warm reception to the idea, with one resident saying; “In this COVID era, this project will keep the connection between the generations alive, especially being able to see and hear them.” During the current circumstances where connection with wider community is limited, video messages of Little Helpers, involvement of our elderly in community kindness projects, regular gifts and cards from Little Helpers has made a huge difference to our residents.
We Thank You for your enormous support since many years and are looking forward to implement this innovative and inspiring project at our facility.
Kind Regards
Carlton Johnson Leisure and Lifestyle Officer
Casa Mia 

About us

"They are Very Helpful ...."

"They are very helpful and they are very kind. Really they help any one from their heart."


Sydney Children's Hospital

We would like to thank for your kind and thoughtful gift. It was much appreciated, Thank You!
Kind Regards,
Tania Tania Moussa | Public Relations 
Sydney Children's Hospital

"The Children are Having Blast!"

"We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better." -J.K. Rowling.

Read  our Letters and Social Media Posts of Appreciation

Feedback on Organisation’s Activities, Vision and Mission

Very playful, children enjoyed it!
Bivek Luitel-Client

It's so Good!

Very Happy!
Alban-Client's Parent 

Wonderful engaging and fun!
Dee demirkaya-client

Very good and entertaining. The kids are having an amazing time.
Mehna-Client's Parent

Kids enjoyed!
Had a great time!

Farha-Staff at Barnardos 

The activities were great!
Bruce-Staff at Barnardos

Joyful day!
Samiha-Client's Parent

I'm so Touching When I got the Card, Especially Under Lock Down

This is Agnes who received the card from your organisation. I'm so touching when I got the card, especially under lock down when we're staying home with loneliness. It's very helpful. Good luck & God bless to all of you!

Our Letters, Videos and Social Media Posts of Appreciation

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Keep up This Attitude and you Will be Unstoppable!

Dear Little Helpers, especially Aiza and Aish ,
Thank you for the beautiful card and leaflets. Yes it did cheer me up but so did knowing that little people like you are helping others. Keep up this attitude and you will be unstoppable.
From  an  elderly friend 

Dear Little Helpers on the Run,

During these gloomy days it is nice to receive a surprise and to know that someone does care and is thinking of us. I received a surprise card wishing me Peace, Love and Happiness from Aiza and Aish. I am one of the lucky ones who received a card from Little Helpers on the Run at Christmas too. You are doing a great job spreading joy, love and happiness in the community, especially during these days of Lockdown, when we can't visit our family or have the family visit us.

Thank you, Little Helpers on the Run and Burwood Council.

Kind Regards, Tess

You are Doing a Great job Spreading joy, Love and Happiness in the Community, Especially During These Days of Lockdown

Doing Wonderful Work for Mankind!

Making a Difference in Person’s Life who r Suffering

It did Indeed Bring a Smile to our Faces

Just to say this is a great idea & a definite delight to receive your lovely card with all your wishes. It did indeed bring a smile to our faces & in the challenging days of lockdown was especially nice to receive, so thank you to everyone involved especially Aiza & Abdullah.
Wendy (Elderly friend)