Projects to do With Police Department

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Our Heroes

Our heroes are not the only ones who made sacrifices for us but also their families. At Little Helpers we do encourage our Little ones to do kindness activities for families or next of kin of police officers who lost their lives on duty.

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We offer a program for Youth Prisoners, other prisoners or those who are soon going to reintegrate into the community. “Nobody should be only a receiver. If people are going to feel good and be accomplished and be part of something, they have to be doing something they can be proud of. So, if we want them to be pro-society, then we ought to set-up the vehicles that help them to be somebody in more traditionally socially positive ways.” The aim is to provide opportunities for our youth in prison, long-term prisoners or prisoners who are going to return soon to the community to develop pro-social self-concepts and identity, generally in the form of rewarding work that is helpful to others and is characterised by themes of repair, reconciliation and community partnership. The idea behind this model is that real reintegration requires more than physical re-entry into the community, but also should involve ‘earning’ one’s place back in the moral community. Such demonstrations also send a message to the community that the offender is worthy of further support and justifies investment into their reintegration in the community.

Kindness Behind Prison Bars

Cooperate Community Work Program

This program offers a unique way to serve the community for police officers and their children. We offer range of projects under this program like Kindness Card Making Activity You can involve police officers and their families in Kindness card making activity. They can make some cards in their spare time and donate it to us. Every month, you can choose different places to donate cards to like hospitals, to the homeless, to nursing homes, to the elderly in the community, for community helpers etc. It will not only involve officers in extra kindness but will be a heart-warming surprise for elderly at nursing homes, kids in hospital or for those who are in need of love and care. Kids and Cops Card Program The "Kids and Cops" card program is a youth outreach program that seeks to create positive interaction between law enforcement and children. Each card includes biographical information and words of advice to children. The "Kids and Cops" program exposes children to many positive adult role models. Cards will be distributed in schools.

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We hope to improve the quality of life of elderly people who are under the care of the police department, providing them continuous and regular support and connecting them to the community to improve their mental wellbeing. This project is run by our young volunteers where they do small act of kindness to cheer up our elderly.

Elderly Support Program