Projects for Disadvantaged Members of the Community

We focus on supporting most disadvantaged families in the community with relevant programs and services.

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Weekly Grocery

 In supporting people facing concerns of food security, fresh food items are packed and delivered to them – families in need and the elderly on a weekly basis. 

Monthly Grocery

Food security remains a primary concern for many. Monthly grocery packages are packed and delivered to families and the elderly in need.

Food for the Homeless

We regularly distribute fresh food to people who are facing hardships in the Liverpool and City areas. 

Toy Drive

We run regular toy drives to help those in need. Clothes Drive We run regular clothes drives to help those in need. 

Gift Distribution on special celebration days

Gift Distribution on special celebration days Every year we distribute gifts to many families who are going through a hard time. 

Card making activities

Multiple card making activities in various schools and centres to show appreciation for members of our community.

Mental Health Month Projects

We run many kindness activities during Mental Health Month for inpatients and outpatients’ community support groups to reconnect and provide additional emotional support and reassurance. 

Big Sister and Big Brother Club

Big Sister and Big Brother Club for children in Foster Care or those require support We pair the children and divide them in groups and run various positive and healthy activities. 

Kindness Letter Writing

Writing kindness letters to kids in hospitals, cancer patients, the elderly, neighbours and whoever is in need of love and care. 

Decorate Your Own Cupcake Project

Decorate Your Own Cupcake Project for Children Hospitals We donate kindness cupcakes and sweet treats to hospitals so children who are going through difficult times can have some fun.

“No one has Ever Become Poor by Giving.” ― Anne Frank

A pass on kindness activity!

Kindness Rock Painting Activity

Our volunteers or kids at schools decorate a rock and write some motivational messages. They will either hand these out to someone in need of love and care, to someone to show respect or they can leave the rock as a surprise outside the door of their neighbours. The receiver passes on the rock to another person who is in need of love and care.


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Financial Accountability 

We believe in maintaining complete financial transparency with all our donors and to the communities we support.

Little Helpers (ABN: 29611715514) is endorsed for receiving Tax Exemption, GST concession, Income Tax Exemption, a Deductible Gift Recipient and has a valid Charitable Fundraising Authority Number (CFN / 24491). 

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