Together we can make the world a special place!

Little Helpers Corporate Community Work Programs

 Work with us and make a difference!

Little Helpers Corporate Community Work Programs offer a unique way to serve the community for your staff, and/or staff and their children.

How you can help us:

Your staff/staff and their children can support us by either participating in:

Chase the Rainbow Project - A very simple project-to spread kindness in the community via staff and friends, hoping that by doing an act of kindness and leaving a kindness card will inspire the person (s) to in turn do a similar thing or at the very least think about the unexpected act from (in most cases) a stranger and hopefully, the ‘planted seed’ will arouse some curiosity/ stimulate some good in the greater community.

How you can get involved:

• Kindness Card Making Activity • Packing and Wrapping Activity • Elderly Support Programs • Hosting Elderly Tea Parties • Participating in Neighbours’ Week • Running Breakfast Clubs for us • Running Grocery, Stationary, and Toy Drives for us • Hosting Tea Parties at Nursing Homes • Participating in our Adopt a Mother on this Mother’s Day Project • Pen Pal Club • Adopt a Grandparent • Admin Role • Fresh Ideas

Donate through work!

Or you can Support us by Donating us Through Workplace Giving.

 Please consider making Little Helpers your company’s Workplace Giving Partner

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way to support us. It’s easy, your donation will be deducted from your pre–tax earnings, reducing your taxable income. It’s easy to sign up, and you don’t need to keep and claim receipts.

Contact the Australian Charities Fund for assistance in establishing your workplace giving with your employer.

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How it Will Help you and Your Employees

• It will build a strong sense of community within your workplace.
• It will showcase your company’s firm values and will provide a platform to your employees to contribute within the community by hands-on meaningful volunteering.
• Your employees will get the opportunity to get their families involved.
• By engaging in community activities with Little Helpers, you will build your reputation and profile in the community to become an 'Employer of Choice’ 

The participation of your company in our programs will assist us with our mission of “Making the World a Special Place!”

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Together we can make the world a special place!

What is the Prerequisite?

If employees are involved in any client-based projects, they would be required to submit their working with children check and police check. The employer would need to complete the Cooperate Community Work Program paperwork on behalf of their employees. Contact us now to know more about Corporate Community Work Program.

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