Projects for Elderly in Community

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Participate in programs which we run for our elderly friends and enlighten the lives of so many .

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Projects for Elderly in Community

Monthly Elderly Afternoon Tea Parties

This project is run by children for elderly neighbours, elderly family and friends living independently. If you would like to arrange a Tea Party for the elderly in your neighbourhood or family friends, submit your expression of interest at [email protected].

Secret Mission Project

An exciting and fun way to engage kids in voluntary work. Each child brings a gift along with balloons or flowers for the elderly, beautifully wrapped in transparent packaging. Kids and adult volunteers identify 10 houses for each project and 5-10 kids go in a group and tie balloons on the doors of those vulnerable in our community and leave a surprise gift with a note.

Elderly Support Program

Our Little Helpers visit the elderly in the community on a one-on-one basis with their parents and run various projects to spread smiles, love and kindness. This project not only encourages children to support the elderly; it also encourages them to spend quality time and develop strong bonds of friendship.

Knitting for a Cause

We run knitting workshops to raise donations and involve our elderly in the community in some meaningful activity. Our elderly knit and donate for their fellow residents at nursing homes and for homeless people in the community.

Surprise Food and Grocery Hampers

As part of this project, kids’ door knock and give surprise food to the elderly in the neighbourhood to brighten up their day. They also leave surprise grocery hampers at doors for their elderly friends.

Gift Hampers for Celebrations

 We visit our elderly friends in the community and distribute gifts on special celebration days. Regular Phone calls Our volunteers regularly call to support the elderly in the community. 

Mobile Libraries 

We provide opportunities of selecting and reading books to our elderly at their homes in joint collaboration with local libraries.

Let’s Play Together

Kids organise a board game afternoon or gather their friends and play favourite classic games and plan a fun afternoon.

Adopt a Grandparent

A support program to engage our children in taking care of some particular elderly with responsibility and on a more regular basis.