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Little Helpers Corporate Community Work Programs offers a
unique way to serve the community for your staff, and/or staff and 
their children.

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Chase the Rainbow Project

A very simple project to spread kindness in the community via staff and friends, hoping that by doing an act of kindness and leaving a kindness card will inspire the person (s) to in turn, do a similar thing or at the very least think about the unexpected act from a stranger. Hopefully the ‘planted seed’ will arouse some curiosity/ stimulate some good in the greater community.

Kindness Card Making Activity 
You can involve your organisation’s staff and their families in a kindness card making activity. They can make some card in their spare time and donate it to us. Each month, you can choose different places to donate cards to like hospitals, to the homeless, to nursing homes, to the elderly in the community, for community helpers etc.

Packing and Wrapping Activity 
If you have staff who love creative activities, they can get involved with us in packing and wrapping activities. We always need extra hands to creatively pack gifts like chocolates for celebration days. 

Elderly Support Programs
Together with us, your organisation can choose one nursing home or a group of particular elderlies living in the community to spread some kindness in. It may be as simple as assigning staff to do an activity with vulnerable groups or visiting the elderly in the community or nursing homes on a one-on-one basis. Staff can even get their kids involved to run various projects which spread smiles, love and kindness.

Hosting Elderly Tea Parties
You can involve your staff on an individual basis where they can involve their families and hold their own event. You can also get involved as an organisation and hold tea parties for elderly in your neighbourhood, or those living independently. If you would like to arrange a tea party for the elderly in your neighbourhood or elderly friends, submit your expression of interest here.

Participating in Neighbours Week
You as an organisation can encourage your staff to get connected to their neighbours and share some treats or gifts or send a card during neighbour’s week. As an organisation, you can also implement a kindness activity in your neighbourhood. This activity will not only encourage a positive environment at your workplace, but will definitely impact the wellbeing of your staff as well.

Running Grocery, Stationary, and Toy Drives for us
Be part of our kindness initiative by supporting us through providing groceries, gifts, stionaries, books, toys etc. You can run different types of collection drives at your workplace or your staff can do their own collections and donate to us.

Hosting Tea Parties at Nursing Homes
Together with us, you can choose any nursing home and hold tea parties for the elderly. It can be a once off or on a monthly basis. If you would like to arrange a Tea Party for the elderly at a nursing home, submit your expression of interest here.

Participating in our Adopt a Mother on this Mother’s Day Project
You can do gift drives and adopt a mother on Mother’s Day to hand out these gifts to. There are many who have no visitors on this day.

Pen Pal Club
Involve your staff to get in touch regularly with a particular elderly living in a nursing home. We link you with an elderly in need. It’s a great activity which requires minimal time and is sure to brighten up the day of our elderly. 

Running Breakfast Clubs for us 
You can help us in running Breakfast Clubs at schools in need. You can deliver breakfast items, run food drives or assign employees to physically help us out to run this club at schools.

Adopt a Grandparent
As an organisation, you can adopt an elderly at nursing home and do regular kindness activities with them.

Admin Role
As we are enormously growing, we are always in need of extra hands for reviewing documents, for making phone calls or other admin-related work. If your organisation or any of your employees can support logistics of any of our kindness initiatives, contact us at [email protected]

Disaster or Emergency Relief Projects
Help us in Disaster or Emergency Relief Projects. This project includes country and remote areas as well as local metropolitan areas – wherever the need is immediate. It may be to provide food and water relief to families in need, gifts for special celebrations, educational support and essential supplies to a community in need.

Fresh Ideas
We always welcome to work on any kindness initiatives which are beneficial to the community. Bring your own idea and we will work on it together. You can also support us by donating to us through Work Place Giving If you want your organisation to be part of this program, contact us here.