Aged Care Projects

Projects for Little Helpers Volunteers

We run multiple projects in nursing homes, for example, playdates at nursing homes, card making activities, therapeutic art clubs, Lego clubs, projects for special celebrations, holiday programs and many more.

“The Purpose of Life is not to be Happy. It is to be Useful, to be Honorable, to be Compassionate, to Have it Make Some Difference That you Have Lived and Lived Well.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Community Service Hours

We provide opportunities to our volunteers to complete community service hours. If you have any particular requirement or need or want to discuss it further please contact us here.

Integrated Nursing Home and Children (INC) Program

The purpose of this program is to integrate children and the elderly to work together on a single project, give back to the community and learn new skills from each other. Little Helpers facilitate programs where children regularly visit nursing homes, providing the elderly with much needed company, as well as gaining a wealth of knowledge from the elderly, such as learning a second language, knitting, arts, etc. Children are not only learning a new skill, but also work on several projects where the children and elderly work together to give back to the community, such as kindness cards, gift wrapping and packing for those in need and therapeutic art. Further information on this program are as follows.

This program targets every child to not only counterbalance the loneliness and boredom often experienced in nursing facility life but also, aims to engage children with the elderly from a very young age. Children in foster care and those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, kids with special needs and children without their grandparents around positively benefit from this program. These intergenerational interactions lift the spirits of our elderly and greatly enrich children’s social and personal development. 

Aspects of this program encompass INC Visits, INC Giving Back Projects, , INC Clubs and INC Centres

INC Centres

INC Centres facilitate an environment for the “book-end generations” to come together for expressive interaction with the vision of connecting childcare centres with nursing homes. Regular outings are arranged for the elderly to visit childcare centres and for children to visit nursing homes.

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INC Clubs

 Many Clubs are run throughout nursing homes, facilitating the opportunity for our elderly to pass on their knowledge and skills to young children in the areas of language learning, Lego, knitting, crocheting, craft and Pen pals.

If you can Dream it, you can do it.

INC Visits has children regularly visiting residents in nursing homes with gifts, handmade cards or chocolates. They run many projects actively engaging the elderly residents in social, mental and physical activities.

INC Visits

INC Giving Back Projects

involve children working in partnership with the elderly in giving back activities which are meaningful goodwill gestures of appreciation and kindness, acknowledging the work of our local educators, law enforcement, first responders, paramedics and medical personnel. This initiative positively impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of the people working in these sectors whilst bringing joy and a sense of pride for the children and our senior friends working together in many card making activities for hospital patients and anyone in need of love and care. Knitting projects provide warm items for the homeless and children in need.

“When you are Kind  to  Others, it not Only Changes you, it Changes the World.”
Harold Kushner

Study for Life

Little Helpers on the Run’s “Study for Life” project encourages the children of our community to help their peers who may not have as many learning resources or opportunities by donating tools to encourage learning, such as gifts of stationery, web-based learning tools and other education related gifts. As a Little Helper Volunteer, you can help other children by working together as a team to help them improve their reading, writing and mathematical skills through interactive play, competitions or by mentoring them or by providing free educational support or free after school tutoring.

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Working with the Elderly or Neighbours

This can be a group activity with an adult supervisor or on individual activity with parent supervision. Activity ideas: Volunteer kids will help the elderly in what they have trouble doing for themselves. They will help with light garden work such as watering plants, easy weeding or sweeping garden paths in their neighbours’ yard with their friends or by themselves. Spend quality time with your elderly neighbours; reconnect and create friendships; you can bond with them, reassure them and lend help whenever you can through emotional and practical support.

Elderly Support Program

Our Little Helpers visit elderly in nursing homes or those living independently based on their needs on a one-on-one basis with their parents or supervisors and run various projects which spread smiles, love and kindness. This project not only encourages children to support the elderly; it also encourages them to spend quality time with them and develop strong bonds of friendship.

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Emergency Response Grocery Drives, and Clothing Drive

We encourage our Little Helper volunteers to raise community awareness and facilitate kindness, empathy and compassion, by running Grocery Drives, Clothing Drives within their local residential areas, work and business locations to provide for devastated communities during natural disasters with the aim of bringing people together and bridging communication gaps between the city and country / remote areas.

Community Service Hours

We provide opportunities to our volunteers to complete community service hours. If you have any particular requirement or need or want to discuss it further please contact us here.

Feed the Homeless

Regularly go out into the community and feed the many homeless people who are in a disadvantaged position and are struggling to make ends meet. 

Community Helpers Kindness Projects

We run numerous projects for our community helpers who serve us selflessly on a daily basis, such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, teachers, police officers and firefighters, etc.

Packing and Wrapping Activities

This project is run concurrently with the Food Drive to support families who have lost everything. Our volunteers physically visit the devastated regions to reconnect and establish vital bonds with the community, children and families, providing vital emotional support and reassurance.

Children’s Gift Drive

We involve our Little Helpers in packing and wrapping gifts and groceries for those who are in need. These gifts and groceries are then presented for the homeless, low-SES individuals and families and students who are in need or support, love, care and kindness.

Our volunteer children host a monthly tea party on the last Sunday of every month for their elderly friends. This project not only help elderly people to fight loneliness but also teach our kids to respect and care for our elderly people.

Monthly Tea Parties for Elderly

“How do we Change the World? One Random act of Kindness at a Time” —Morgan Freeman

Mobile Library 

Help in running mobile libraries in joint collaboration with local libraries for our elderly, kids in detention centres (if applicable) and for prisoners in particular less than 18 years old.

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Participation in Organising Events for our Children in Need and Special Need Children

As a part of Little Helpers family, you have a wonderful opportunity to help in organising special events for schools and other organisations who help children from disadvantaged backgrounds or children with special needs.

Aged Care Projects

We run multiple projects in nursing homes, for example, playdates at nursing homes, card making activities, therapeutic art clubs, Lego clubs, projects for special celebrations, holiday programs and many more.

“There is Nothing More Beautiful Than Someone who Goes out of Their way to Make Life Beautiful for Others.” 
Mandy Hale

Hook up to Clean up!

Clean up your neighbourhood park or get a group of kids together who can think of somewhere in their neighbourhood that’s looking nasty and neglected. Kids working together on group projects for the betterment of their local neighbourhood fosters a strong sense of community spirit, a genuine sense of worthwhile contribution and achievement amongst our young people.

Adopt a Mother on Mother's Day

It is a support program engaging our elderly or any woman in need. Bring joy to a special woman this Mother’s Day. It can be young or old. It could be your grandmother, an elderly lady in your neighbourhood – anyone in need of love and care or anyone who is less fortunate than you. Take part in this project, send us a picture of yourself with your adopted mother and encourage others to also make a difference in someone’s life.

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